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Balance Technical Solutions empowers businesses with exceptional IT services and customized technology solutions, driven by a dedicated team of experts committed to streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and driving growth for our clients.


Tailored solutions for your tech needs and revenue growth.

Cloud Strategies

Balance Technical Solutions specializes in crafting custom cloud strategies, blending public, private, and hybrid solutions to suit your business needs. From expanding storage capacity to enabling remote work flexibility, our managed cloud services provide reliable and seamless integration, backed by expert IT engineers for ongoing monitoring and optimization of cloud technologies.

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Professional IT Solutions

Balance Tech Solutions offers personalized IT consulting, ensuring seamless transitions and optimized systems, empowering your organization with reliable and efficient solutions.

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Comprehensive services driving success with expert solutions.

IT Security Services

We offer comprehensive IT security services, including network segmentation, system implementations, monitoring, vulnerability management, and more. Stay ahead of cyber threats with our proactive security plans, advanced email security, managed endpoint security, and powerful SIEM incident response solutions.

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Managed Services

Balance Tech Solutions empowers success with transformative IT strategies, expert support, and optimized efficiency.
Balance Tech Solutions offers personalized IT consulting services, ensuring seamless transitions and optimized systems, empowering your organization with reliable and efficient solutions.

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Discovering trends, fueling growth, driving online success.

Data analytics

Transformative tech consultancy delivering impactful business outcomes through end-to-end analytics expertise, including data advisory, architecture, migration, security, visualizations, data science, and AI/ML. Partner with us for cutting-edge analytics solutions and sustained success.

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Search Engine Optimization

Develop a data-driven SEO strategy for enhanced online presence and increased conversions. Our expertise includes comprehensive reporting, monitoring, and onsite optimization services, ensuring improved website performance and user-friendliness. Partner with us to track search engine rankings, implement local SEO strategies, and gain transparency through custom SEO dashboards aligned with your goals and KPIs.

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Cloud Solutions

Companies are often enticed by robust automation platforms that promise to revolutionize how to drive business growth. However, as companies progress, they may outgrow their current platform, leading to limitations in their digital capabilities.To alleviate these concerns, we specialize in seamless platform migrations. Our team of experts will meticulously devise and execute a migration plan, considering the unique aspects of your current setup. We handle the replication, integration, testing, and training, empowering your team to become self-reliant on the new platforms.

Professional IT Services

Over time, teams have adopted various systems to gather and share information related to specific channels. Unfortunately, these systems often operate in isolation, leading to the tedious task of parsing multiple data sources. The desire to have a comprehensive view of all and metrics remains mostly a  dream.
However, it doesn't have to be that way. At Balance, we excel in integrating automation platforms and consolidating your data to provide valuable insights and drive results. Whether you use point feature solutions for webinars, connect to enterprise data warehouses, or have proprietary systems, we simplify the integration process. Allow our technical experts to elevate your capabilities and take you to the next level.

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Data Analytics

Data generation is happening rapidly, and even with limited channels, one can easily become overwhelmed with analysis paralysis. Our mission is to educate you on effectively utilizing your platform's reporting features, deciphering the insights from reports, and translating them into actionable steps. We aim to help you comprehend what can and should be tracked, along with the reasons behind it.


Since its inception, Balance Tech Solutions has been at the forefront of providing exceptional tech support. Our wide range of top-notch IT services caters to businesses across diverse industries, delivering quality without compromise and affordability.Whether you require software implementation, robust cybersecurity defenses, or a comprehensive IT infrastructure, our services are tailored to propel your business into the future and ensure long-term success.

By entrusting your IT needs to our experts, you enable your team to focus on core competencies, eliminating single points of failure, and ensuring a productive workforce with optimal user experiences. Moreover, partnering with a managed service provider enables your business to leverage a balanced combination of mature and emerging technologies at a lower cost compared to internal solutions. Successful clients have entrusted us to elevate their small business IT support to new heights.

Our mission is to be the most customer-focused small and medium-sized business IT support company in America. We prioritize ethical practices, avoid unnecessary upselling, and recommend time-tested technology that truly benefits our clients. With transparent pricing and a strong client retention rate, we prioritize our clients' best interests, budgets, and success.

Founder, Jamie Wells, brings over 22 years of experience in management, consulting, and systems engineering. With expertise in system design, implementation, and optimization, Jamie has a strong background in driving technological solutions for businesses. Jamie's services encompass a wide range of offerings, including system architecture design, technology roadmaps, implementation strategies, performance optimization, security assessments, and system scalability.With prior experience in engineering leadership roles, Jamie has worked on notable projects in various industries, from aerospace at Boeing to start-up Google, ensuring the successful design and implementation of complex systems.

Throughout Jamie's career, he has collaborated with leading technology firms, providing expertise and guidance on system engineering. He has a strong track record of delivering robust and efficient solutions that align with clients' business objectives.

As a lifelong scholar, Jamie holds a Bachelors of Science from the University of Maryland and has undertaken advanced studies in systems engineering, project management, and management. He has a deep understanding of information systems and holds certifications in relevant technologies.Above all, Jamie is dedicated to fostering growth, nurturing talent, and inspiring the next generation in the field of systems engineering for a brighter and more innovative world.